Will and the People Single Review Moons

'Moons' Single - Will and the People - Review

A band founded over two decades ago, Will and the People have managed to maintain the interest of indie-music lovers through one of the most important tools any long-lasting artist can utilise; Evolution. Because of this, every release immediately piques my interest, and that’s no different with their latest single ‘Moons’. 


Due to the aforementioned musical evolution, Will and the People are difficult to define. Founded in 2010 by titular-lead singer Will Rendle, the band started as a unique blend of upbeat ska and harmony-driven pop/rock. Since then they’ve had releases that rocked harder, singles that have veered towards a more commercial pop sound, and acoustic ballads that sit in their own space of the musical world. The only consistency has been catchy tracks and tight vocal harmonies, almost guaranteeing an enjoyable listen, whichever way the W.A.T.P genre-pendulum leans. 


For those familiar with Will and the People, ‘Moons’ instantly feels reminiscent of their older albums like “Friends”. Almost immediately, the theme of tight harmonies are again utilised, and slowly as you journey through each of the songs sections, you are met with different and unique layers. The chorus offers a dynamic step up while continuing the laid-back vibes often typical from the British band. Apart from a quiet church bell as the chorus begins, the only indication of this being even remotely a Christmas song is the final lyrics of the chorus. Anyone that watches our weekly podcast ‘Indie And A Show’ knows this is the only way I can enjoy a Christmas song!! 

Several times in the last few years the band have attempted greater steps away from their initial sound as a band, with the bands last album (Past the Point of No Return) blending more artistic and modern themes to create a more commercially up-to-date sound. However, Moons begins to suggest a return to their roots, with a mature confidence shown in their comfort in writing a captivating song without needing to be upbeat or overly produced. The track felt like a catch up with an old friend. They may have changed through the years, but you’re instantly taken back to the good old days, and see they’re still the same person you’ve known and loved all along. 


Moons is another brilliant addition to Will And The People’s impressive discography, and from the ears of a familiar fan, it ticks all of the boxes you hope for from a Will and the People track. Would this be my go-to introduction into the band for those who aren’t familiar? I would say not. This doesn’t boast the upbeat Ska/pop of earlier works like “Lion in the Morning Sun” or “Salamander” Nor does it pose the same impact of the more mellowed acoustically-led tracks like “Gigantic” or “Troubled Pro”.
However, when you listen to the musical journey their discography offers, there’s one thing that Moons makes crystal clear - Will and the People will continue to evolve, and for that reason will remain as an artist that should be on everybody’s radar, particularly aspiring artists that want the secret formula for a long-lasting career.
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