I'm so excited to be typing out the start of our online written content, and there's no better way than summarising episode 50 of the podcast (if you missed it, check it out here)

Over the past year, we have been blown away by the submissions we received and the amazing music that has graced our podcast. Now, it's time to recognize the best of the best in various categories. Without further ado, let's reveal the winners!

Best Band: Lizzie Jack and the Beanstalks

Congratulations to Lizzie Jack And the Beanstalks for taking home the award for Best Band! We immediately loved the authenticity of their sound, with an unapologetic Aussie twang, creative lyricism and a sound that achieves a combination of uniqueness with a vague feeling of nostalgia. The song manages to keep your attention through narrative and dynamic variation - and we just bloody love it. 


Best Songwriter: Sophie Janna


This category was arguably the trickiest, not only to curate the shortlist, but we're also told by our panel that this was hard to vote on. We stipulated that this category had to be about not only the lyrics, but the construction of the overall song. The standard was unbelievable, and this category provided me with multiple of my favourite songs. The winner of this category, Sophie Janna, and her not-so-christmassy Christmas ballad, is possibly one of the most beautiful tracks I've ever heard. 



Best Alternative Artist: Simms

Simms has been crowned the Best Alternative Artist of 2023! Their innovative approach to Genre-hopping music and thought-provoking lyrics, with a tongue-in-cheek writing style and an vibe that screams "I'm having fun and don't care what you think" make this track immediately enjoyable. Since we've aired it, I've been singing it, I've been spinning it - and I've been f**king loving it. 



Best Male Artist: Gah Ming

Again, what a tough category to be in. We have Alternative Artist winner Simms, as well as two unique singer/songwriters. But Gah Ming's unique sound and incredible lyricism makes them a worthy winner of this category. Every time we go back and listen to the submitted track we're amazed this isn't a major hit being blasted all over the place. The song manages to be catchy, and is another example of an artist not being defined by genre, leading to an easy-to-enjoy track whatever your musical preference. 


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Best Female Artist: Nicole Allan

Congratulations to Nicole Allan for winning the Best Female Artist award! Her track "Should've Known Better" seemed to roll up everything great about country music and deliver it into a catchy sing-a-long belter. Nicole has been killing it locally, including playing Rob's festival-themed wedding, so we were so happy to see her awarded for her song writing.

Artist of the Year: Sophie Janna

The Artist of the Year award goes to none other than Sophie Janna. The only artist to win in two different categories, and nominated in 3, Sophie Janna's submission is the perfect example of the absolute talent hidden within the global indie music scene. Listening to Fairy Lights the first time, I was transported to the moment I discovered the album "O" by Damien Rice. A delicate, yet powerful record that leaves you hanging on every word - Fairy Lights will join a short list of tracks that elicit a raw and involuntary emotional reaction with every listen. 

Once again, congratulations to all the winners of the Indie and a Show Podcast Awards! We are incredibly proud to have showcased your talent on our podcast, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for each and every one of you. Keep making incredible music and inspiring others with your artistry - AND KEEP SUBMITTING TO THE SHOW! 

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