How to get your music reviewed and aired on a Podcast

How to get your music reviewed and aired on a Podcast

How to get your music reviewed and promoted

 Have a new release that you’re proud of, and excited to get out into the world, but need to know how to promote your single or album across different platforms? Then welcome to - home of both the Indie And A Show Podcast (A music industry podcast where we review your tracks on our show every week) and IAAS Reviews, a new music journalism site geared entirely to supporting Independent artists. In this article, we give 5 top tips on how to make sure you get featured. 



This seems obvious. But the first step is actually getting your song across. But there’s a few important points to include here. First, make sure the track you’re sending will be available indefinitely. Again, this might feel obvious… But I struggle to guess how many times we’ve tried to listen to a track, only to discover they sent it over a time-sensitive platform where the link has expired! We get hundreds of submissions, and unfortunately sometimes it takes a few months to reach yours - so my best tip would be to upload to Soundcloud (private, if you wish!), and then share this link with the podcast in question. 



Get your music featured on music podcast

If you are submitting to lots of different shows and podcasts, then it will always benefit to support them anyway you can. This can be commenting and liking or sharing their episodes, or answering questions raised by other listeners. It goes a long way to make sure you’re as embedded in the Indie Music scene, and much like getting gigs - it can often be who you know that counts. Most shows value engagement more than anything else. At Indie And A Show, we actually reward bands and artists commenting the most with priority for submissions - so make yourself known! 



Most podcasts sharing indie music exist with the pure intention of shining a light on independent artists. So it’s important you give them everything you need - location, bio if needed, timestamps of best bits - or even descriptions of the song(s). You want to make sure you’re equipping them with everything they need, without overloading them or sending so much that it goes ignored. If you have a press kit you can start here - however this may need simplifying depending on the platform.




You can have the greatest track in the world, but ultimately, when people hear a song they love, they want to find an amazing band behind it! We get numerous submissions that don’t even have a social media page to link to. Post often, engage with your fans, be genuine, and the rest will follow. There’s a happy medium here - you don’t need to post 27 videos every gig you play, but instead make sure you have content weekly going out to keep your presence alive and growing. After all, when you do get featured on a show or podcast, you want to have people to share it with!




Now, this might feel like a case of dramatic repetition, but this point serves a greater purpose. You may have a killer single to promote, but you make your own luck when it comes to getting your music featured. If one in 100 songs get played, then you need to send your track to 100 different platforms. Get your pitch together, make sure it’s to the point, and find various different places you can send your music. The higher your ambition, the more frequent the rejection. But that’s what it takes to succeed!! 

The only show I know that will guarantee playtime is, of course, our own Indie and a show podcast. So why not start by submitting here! 


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